Here is how Lerato Kganyago got her first big gig


Lerato Kgnayago has being trending on social media for days and making headlines over the debate on “Open up the industry.”

The star tried defending every hit and attack against herself and other celebrities in the industry as some social media peeps think the industry operates on a partial level by not giving room during auditions to upcoming and talented artists, rather they give it to famous celebs.

While trying to react and give response to every tweet, she revealed how she hustled and fixed her gaze at the peak of her career which ended up achievable for her.

“Do you know HOW MANY AUDITIONS I had to go through before getting my 1st big gig?? Not ONCE did I sit and drag others that were doing better than me, I kept my eyes on MY PRIZE! Discrediting others everyday on this platform can’t be your hustle! Anever!” LKG tweeted.


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