JDat Raymond – there is God


JDat Raymond - there is God

JDAT RAYMOND is a gospel music Minister and also the teacher of the word of life.
Now because Jesus Christ has fashioned me for this very purpose
And also given me the spirit as a deposit,
guaranteeing what is to come and just as it happens today this song (there is God) its  here to bless your soul and you shall remain blessed forever Amen.

Inspiration of there is God.

Now the Lord is the spirit! And through his spirit you will receive from him,  how the inspiration of this song came to me It  was like a surprise to me  I was unable to control myself because of there is something unique about this song, moreover, the supernatural power of God was on me  at that moment I begin to imagine the love of God upon my life, how he has transformed me to his own image and how he has given me his righteousness,  so I will let you  know  that if JESUS CAN allowed someone like me to possess his righteousness, ‘honestly there God! Beside the transformation of my life is what boost my faith and it also help me to composed this song in a better way through the help of the Holy spirit, therefore believe  that there is God and you will see his miraculous work in your life, Thank you Jesus Christ.

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